About us

B is for bloom is basically what it says on the tin. We focus on the B because so many amazing words come from this letter: believe, begin, baptise, belong, blessed, brave, breathe, brightness…even buttery (mmm) and this is just a few! But most of all we love the word bloom.

To bloom is to flourish; to grow; to be in a healthy, blossoming condition. We believe if every person in the world was in this beautiful condition, we could honestly change this corrupt world. So here we are, on our mission to do just that! By focusing on the world, the Christian faith and the individuals behind the blooming – we’re here to provide advice, support and love. We’re not just a website, we’re a community and we’re here to talk, advise and listen.

So let’s remember that we belong because we believe and we are baptised so we can begin again. We are brave to fight against this world and bring brightness to darkness. We are blessed to breathe each day and we all want to be the best we can and bloom…. All whilst hopefully enjoying some buttery snacks! (Oh that’s just us!) 🙂

Come and join our blooming revolution and B everything God made you to be…

Email us at admin@bisforbloom.com for more information, support, or simply if you want to become a part of Team B!